a Colorado House referendum on the legitimacy of families headed by gay parents

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Colorado HB02-1356 Bill Information

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What Happened?

The Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee killed HB02-1356 on a party-line vote (4 to 3) on April 10, 2002. Democrats voting to kill the bill were Ken Gordon (Chair), Doug Linkhart (Vice Chair), Rob Hernandez, and Sue Windels. The Republicans voting to pass the bill were Ken Arnold, F. Jim Dyer, and Mark Hillman.

The Denver Post reports that Senator Hillman said killing the bill did not solve the problem. "This still leaves the existing law unclear." OH NO! If our distinguished representatives can't come to a consensus on what a family is supposed to look like, then how are the rest of us supposed to figure out how to live our lives!

See also coverage from the Boulder Daily Camera.

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