HB02-1356 has nothing to do with Colorado birth certificates needing to be an accurate record of biological heredity.

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Colorado HB-1356 (2002) -- The Lie
Phil Weinstein

Pam Rhodes and other Republican sponsors of HB02-1356 repeatedly assert that the intention of this bill is to insure that birth certificates "continue" to accurately reflect the biological mother and father of a child. The importance of this was the only point made, at length, by one of the few people Rhodes invited to testify in support of her bill [3-21-2002].

This assertion continues to be made in the face of the repeated observation that thousands of birth certificates have been, and continue to be altered in Colorado to obscure the names of the biological parents of a child -- in cases of adoption. There is no indication on these birth certificates that the named parents are not the biological parents -- because that's not really the primary importance of these legal documents.

Representative Tom Plant (D) attempted to insure that HB02-1356 responsibly reflected the intention stated by the bill's sponsors before his chamber passed the bill on to the Senate. During second reading on the House floor [3-26-2002,] Plant attempted to introduce an amendment mandating that birth certificates are to list only a child's biological parents. Obviously, this would present a very real problem for many heterosexual parents adopting an infant. (But not -- by the way -- as much of a problem as same-sex parents would have, being that joint adoption of their own child isn't even legal in Colorado). Obviously, the Republican House leadership wouldn't allow Plant's amendment to be considered.

HB02-1356 has nothing to do with Colorado birth certificates needing to be an accurate record of biological heredity.


Reggie Rivers, Denver Post


Given that there are thousands of "altered" birth certificates for adopted children in Colorado and only 45 reflecting parents of the same sex, it's curious that Rhodes, Cadman and Musgrave assert the need for "facts" and "accuracy" by stamping out the 45, while not saying a word about the thousands.

HB 1356 is evidence of our collective bias against gay people getting in the way of common sense and fairness. We're so eager to restrict the rights of gay people that we ignore the innocent people who we hurt along the way.

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Julie C. Tolleson, Equal Rights Colorado

House sponsor Rep. Pam Rhodes says HB 1356 is only about getting back to the "original intent" of birth certificates by having them accurately reflect a child's "mother" and "father."

Tell that to the couples who are the targets of the bill. Tell that to the children -- yet unborn -- who will be left with only one adult legally obligated for their care and well-being. This "accuracy in recordkeeping" rationale is cut from whole cloth. Colorado law has never required that a child's parents be married, or that a birth certificate identify parents only by biology. Birth certificates are about legal responsibilities, not genetic pedigree.

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