Colorado House Bill 1356 (2002) -- Birth Certificates -- Editor's Comment

Colorado General Assembly
Pam Rhodes
Straight Parents - Strong Families

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A Responsibility to Colorado Families
Phil Weinstein

Of the 45 same-sex couples to which Colorado courts have granted birth certificates over the last three years, virtually -- possibly, actually all -- had planned their families together far more deliberately than most parents.

These families deserve ALL the legal recognitions and protections which should be afforded to every family in Colorado. Depending on the circumstances of the family, these protections can be very important.

The historical purpose of birth certificates is irrelevant, being devised when lesbian and gay couples had no public voice to demand that their relationships and families be legally recognized. Well, now they do. The legislators who place themselves between lesbian and gay parents and their children have absolutely no standing on the issue.

Currently, in Colorado, having both child's mothers on the birth certificate is the only way to legally document the relationship between a lesbian non-birth mother and her child. Until some other way is devised (e.g. allowing adoption in this circumstance) Colorado has the responsibility to allow birth certificates to be used for this essential purpose.

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